What Is The Meaning of Cardio Exercise and What Are It’s Benefits ?

Hey Guys, today we will learn about what is the meaning of cardio exercise and clear up all the myths that people have about cardio in this detailed article.

So guys, if this article is a little long then don’t worry, read this article to the end because you may not know the things I am going to say today about cardio meaning or no one has ever told you before.

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Cardio Exercise Meaning

Actually cardio is the short form of cardiovascular and the word cardio refers to is cardiovascular system. Cardio is some group training exercises that increase your heart beat rate, such as running, dancing, swimming, cycling, rope skipping, etc.

Cardio exercises is a stage in which your heart beat rate increases by a few percent more than normal. Normally our heart beat rate is 75 to 80 per 1 minute and when it goes to 110 to 115 it means you are in the cardiio stage.

Benefits of Cardio Workout

According to experts, cardio sport is considered the most important exercise for six pack fitness. The study found that people who do regular cardiosport live longer than normal people, their ability to work increases and will decrease their risk of coronary artery disease, diabetes and cancer. Now below you can see the top 10 benefits of cardiovascular exercise for a ideal body.

  • Weight Loss : Benefits of cardio is Cardio activates the muscles of your entire body, speeds up blood circulation and automatically reduces excess belly fat stored in your body.
  • Improves Work Capacity : Doing cardio exercises really makes you feel tired for a while but doing regular cardio activates your system very quickly, increases your energy levels and improves your work capacity.
  • Strengthens Immune System : Research has shown that aerobic exercise strengthens your immune system so that the effects of climate change do not affect your body, the infection persists and you can get rid of seasonal caught and cold.
  • Keeps Lifestyle Diseases Away : The cause of most lifestyle diseases is your inactiveness. When you do mixed cardio exercises, your body becomes fully functional. Studies have shown that if you include cardio in your workout plan, you stay away from lifestyle diseases.
  • Manages Chronic Conditions : Cardio exercise keeps the body moving. Research has shown that cardio exercise is very useful in managing chronic health disorders because if it is active in this way, the blood pressure level becomes normal and all the activities of the body are smooth.
  • Heart Care : Cardio is the best thinker for heart beat. Cardio strengthens the heart, which eliminates problems such as irregular heartbeats, and the heart pumps blood faster so that blood flows smoothly to all parts of the body.
  • Keeps Arteries In Safe Zone : According to research, aerobico exercise maintains cholesterol levels, reduces bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of plaque store in the arteries.
  • Keeps You Stress Free : Aerobic exercises relieves depression and keeps your body relaxed, resulting in a constant flow of positive energy.
  • Improves Complete Body Strength : Cardio exercises strengthen the muscles and increase mobility, which reduces the problems related to muscles. And besides, cardio exercise also keeps the mind sharp.
  • Live Longer Stay Fit : Cardio exercises keep all parts of your body fully activated, increase immunity and improve energy levels. Studies have shown that people who do regular cardio exercises are older than those who do not do any exercises.

Types of Cardio Exercises

A right cardio challenge is very important for almost all types of fitness goals. But not everyone likes the same type of cardio exercise.

Jogging is one of the most common cardio exercises but there are many types of cardio exercises that you need to know that what an exercise is for.

Do you know, all these exercises have some advantages and disadvantages, but you have to find out which exercise suits on you.

So, below you can see the 4 forms of cardio mix exercise which will help you to find out which one best for you.

  • Steady State Distance Cardio : This type of cardio exercise is also known as resistance cardio or continuous training. In this exercise simply cardio exercises are performed for a few minutes without any break. For example, jogging, walking and cycling are some of the cardio exercises you can perform for about 30 to 60 minutes. These types of exercises are very good for beginners because they can do all these exercises at their own pace and gradually they can increase their workout time.
  • Circuit Training : Circuit training includes both cardio and non-cardio exercises to increase your workouts efforts. For example jogging or cardio for a few minutes and then doing sit ups or pull ups. You know that circuit training are actually done inside a circle where different types of exercises can be done. That is why circuit exercises are very good for group training and many people enjoy this exercise from normal cardio. Some fitness trainers choose this exercise when they have little time because circuit training includes both cardio and strength training.
  • High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) : High Intensity Interval Training includes a variety of cardio exercises and they are done at high intensity level in a short period of time and rest is taken for a very short time. And within this rest period the same exercise is done again but at a slightly slower pace than before. High intensity periods mean pushing your body towards its metabolic limits.
  • Cross Training : Basically, cross training means that it includes more than one type of cardio. For example, more than one equipment is used in a training session to perform this exercise. In this case, you can do steer stepper for 5 minutes and treadmill for another 5 minutes. This way you can do cross training using different types of equipment in each workout. This exercise lowers your boredom and helps you do a variety of activities.

The Truth About Cardio

The biggest myth that is trending in the market is that cardio loses your muscles. You may have heard this many times but it is not true at all and there is no book that says that cardio loses muscle.

And those who tell you that you should not do cardio while bulking or do cardio only when you want abs otherwise your muscles will be reduced, believe me it means that they have no knowledge of science at all.

Exercise science, sport science, nutrition science, kinesiology and biomechanics are not written in any of these places that your muscles lose when you do cardio.

Yes, but in one case you may have muscles loss when you consume low protein and be in the catabolic stage only in this case your muscles are likely to be lost.

The importance of cardio is mainly an exercise for your heart and secondly is an exercise for your lungs.

FAQs on Cardio Exercise

Q. What cardio exercise do?

Ans. Cardio exercise is also known as aerobic exercise. Cardio exercises make your heart beat faster so that blood circulates better in all the organs in your body. And the most important thing is that cardio exercise is a very beneficial exercise for your heart and lungs.

Q. What are the 4 forms of cardio training?

Ans. The best 4 forms of cardio training is high intensity interval training (HIIT), cross training, steady state distance cardio and circuit training.

Q. Why cardio is a waste of time?

Ans. We all know that people do cardio for weight loss but now I want to say one thing that cardio does not help you in weight loss. And if you do cardio for weight loss then you can say you are wasting your time. However, there is no doubt that cardio is very beneficial for your overall health.

Q. Is it bad to do cardio everyday?

Ans. Yes, you can do cardio every day but first you need to know one thing well why you want to do cardio every day. If you have a fat loss goal and you want to lose fat, then doing cardio every day will not work for you at all, instead you can do weight training. And if you think about keeping your heart, lungs and mind healthy, you can definitely do cardio every day.

Q. Is cardio good for weight loss?

Ans. Those who think that doing cardio will lose weight and thinking this, they start doing cardio for 1 hour and 2 hours. But now I want to make it clear to them that doing cardio does not cause you to lose weight. Cardio is an exercise to keep your heart and lungs healthy.

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