What Is The Meaning of Abs | What Is Abs ?

Do you know what is the meaning of abs or abdomen meaning ? if no, then stay tune with us because today i am gonna be clear all your doubts about what is abdomen.

So, without further delay let’s get started about abs definition.

Meaning of Abs ?

The abs are some of the strongest muscle groups in your abdomen. Which is also known as Rectus Abdominis.

We all have abs but most people hide their abs underneath the thick layer of belly fat because they have too much fat and they think they don’t have abs, but it is not true.

Types of Abs ?

We all are have 12 total abs and 6 types of abs that you can see below :

The most popular of these are 4 pack abs, 6 pack abs and 8 pack abs. 10 pack abs and 12 pack abs are very rare because they require a lot of hard work and with that genetics also plays a big role, so most people don’t know much about 10 pack abs and 12 pack abs.

Functions of Abs

The main function of abs is to bend your spine and abs wraps. And also the function of ab is to bend your abdominal and bring your upper body in front of your thighs and another important function is to bend your lower body and bring it in front of your chest.

When Does Your Ab Progress ?

When you drop your overall body fat your abs progress start automatically. For a men when your body fat percentage is less than 11 % and for a women when your body fat percentage is less than 18 %, your abs forming start.

However, it varies from person to person depending on where the fat is stored in your body.


Q. What is abs workout meaning?

Ans. Abs exercises are a kind of strength exercise that target your entire core, to make your core strong and visible.

Q. Are abs healthy?

Ans. No, it is not unhealthy. According to experts, your abs are show when your body fat percentage is below 12. 12 to 8 percentage body fat is considered healthy and below 8 percentage body fat is considered unhealthy.

Q. What is abs body?

Ans. Having abs in body means you are a fit, health conscious and hardworking person.

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