How To Get 12 Pack Abs In 2021

Looking at the headline of the article, now many people may be wondering what is 12 pack abs? I’ve never heard of 12 pack abs before, I’ve only heard of 6 packs, 8 packs and 10 pack abs and is 12 pack abs possible?

So, today I will explain to you the truth about 12 pack abs and how to get 12 pack abs. Now without further delay I am going to talk about some secrets of 12 pack abs. So, please read this article to the end.

How To Get a 12 Pack Abs?

If you really want to get 12 abs then you have to work much harder in the gym as compared to your regular routine.

You have to come down to body fat at about 4 to 5 percent, then maybe you can come close to getting 12 packs abs because 12 pack abs depends a lot on low body fat percentage and genetics. You have to work hard day and night if you want to achieve 4 to 5 percentage of body fat.

You need to workout twice a day, 30 minutes HIIT cardio workout + 1 hour weightlifting in the morning and 2 hours weightlifting + resistance training in the evening.

First you need to set a target that you will get 12% body fat from your current body fat percentage in the first 6 months, then 9% in 4 months, then 6% in 3 months and then 4%.

Then maybe in a few years you will be able to reach the goal of 4 to 5 percent body fat. And always remember you have to follow a good diet, otherwise if you eat what you want, then your dream of getting twelve pack will never come true.

How Long Does It Take To Get a 12 Pack?

It all depends on your diet, hard work and consistency. As long as you can work hard and maintain consistency, as soon as you can reach your goal of 12pack abs.

However, this is not that you will get 12 pack abs between 1 and 2 years and those who think so are completely wrong because 12 pack of abs is not a easy think, right!

Now I am going to say something that will give you a rough idea of ​​how long it will take you to get 12 pack abs. Regardless of your current body fat percentage, if you workout 6 days a week and twice a day, you will drop body fat at 1 percent per month.

If you think your current body fat percentage 30 % and you are dropping 1 % per month, then it may take some time according to the list below.

  • 30 % – 5 % = 25 months
  • 25 % – 5 % = 20 months
  • 20 % – 5 % = 15 months
  • 15 % – 5 % = 10 months
  • 10 % – 5 % = 5 months

Yes, but one thing to keep in mind is that as your body fat percentage gradually decreases, your ability to reduce body fat will decrease day by day.

12 pack abs workout

  1. Crunches
  2. Flatter Kicks
  3. Hanging Knee Raise
  4. Hanging Windshield Wiper
  5. Plank
  6. Leg Raise

These 6 exercises that you can see above are the best exercises for 12 pack abs and 10 pack abs. So if you want to get 12 pack abs, you can include these 6 exercises in your workout plan.


Q. Is it possible to have a 12 pack abs?

Ans. Many people have only one question in their mind that is it possible to have a 12 pack? Yes, this is absolutely possible because I have seen some people with 12 pack abs but you know that it requires a lot of hard work and very low body fat percentage.

Q. Is a 12 pack real?

Ans. Yes, 12 pack abs real but very rare because it requires a lot of hard work, low body fat and consistency and there are very few people who follow these. That is why there are very few people who have twelve pack abs.

Q. Are abs genetic?

Ans. Yes, you can say that abs genetics because I have seen a lot of people who have four packs and even the shape of the abs is not good and they are working hard for 6 pack abs.

But their six pack abs is not visible because they have genetically 4 pack abs in their body structure. That’s why no matter how hard they work in the gym, their 6 pack is not visible.

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